Cizre is one of the symbolic cities in terms of both Kurdish political movement and the state, for many years. Understanding the mentality that has been implementing since the 4th of September in Cizre which does not even let the dead people be buried and force them to stay in a refrigerator, comprehending this spirit of revenge is only possible by knowing the history of Cizre and its resistance. A provacation and crushing policy has started to be implemented in Cizre in last months after the President's '' There is no Kurdish problem'' discoures by shelving the Dolmabahçe Declaration. Firstly, people were atacked by various powers, people were racked many times.No tolerance was shown to any demonstrations or statements. Step by step, Cizre was displayed to public as a city that must be exterminated, by the system.. The preparations of a massacre has been made.
Especially after the June 7th elections, because of its symbolic importance,Cizre was chosen as a province through which Kurdish people will be punished. Cizre was closed for 9 days, were blockaded, the spirit of resistance, the demand for freedom, democracy, and peace was tried to be eradicated. By looking at the table,it is right to say that the state whose responsibility is protecting its citizens and serving them had attacked its citizens and massacred them. In this context, against the state which does not let its citizens feel the sense of security, eliminates the acceptance of their lives belongs to them, people has shown self-defence with communal defense principles that does not include the theme of violence, as a last resort. In order to defend themselves against aimless gunshots, snipers who were placed in hills, tanks that enters the streets and bombs the houses and panzers,Cizre people, hanged curtain and blankets in many points.They holed the walls and ditched for the pass between the houses.