This report has been prepared in scope of the project titled “Access to health
and justice for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Turkey “, conducted
by the “Foundation for Society and Legal Studies (”TOHAV”).
Our aim with this project, supported by EU and launched in February of
2017, is to contribute to works and studies towards providing standards for
the migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers living in Turkey; towards achieving
the international human rights standard, i.e. to support them in juridical and
psycho-social respects, as well as to offer solutions to their respective
problems; in a way to protect their fundamental rights and freedoms principally
including their Health Rights and Access to Justice Rights.
For this purpose, the following activities shall be conducted through
increasing the capacity of Refugee Counselling Centres of “TOHAV” in
Istanbul and through providing psycho-social support for immigrants, refugees
and asylum-seekers, for a 2 year period of time.