on migratory routes, Turkey has kept being a country of first arrival and
transition for immigrants and refugees in 2018 as well.
Although Turkey confronts an intense migration movement from Middle
East, Asia, Africa and many more regions, it still keeps the geographical
reservation it imposed in the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees
dated 1951, and still doesn't provide international protection to foreigners
coming from out of Europe today.
The most discussed issue in International Law in 2018 as well is the
"Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Turkey on the
readmission of persons residing without authorisation", which is briefly
mentioned as EU Readmission Agreement effectuated in 01 October 2014.
Indeed the results of the agreement were observed more perceptibly, foreigners
who were returned to Turkey in accordance to the agreement are given the
"right" to live in Turkey unregistered and unidentified after a long period of
administrative detention.