• Adoption, implementation and settlement of democratic and universal principles of law in all aspects of society and state life in the light of the achievements of human history; Democratic, participatory and liberal understanding of the law,
  • The elimination of barriers to individual, social, cultural and national development,
  • The end of the discrimination between the sexes,
  • The protection of the child and nature,
  • The honor of human dignity,
  • Whether the founders and members of the foundation, or the individuals, communities and organizations that fall under the scope of the foundation's purpose,
  • To strive for rights and law violations in society and in the state of the state,
  • Within the scope of the objectives, the person, organization and communities in legal tender, legal, material, spiritual, educational, artistic, cultural, medical, sports, aesthetic, To be in help,
  • It does not endeavor to change the legal and legal regulations that are contrary to the specific aims and especially the domestic law, the universal law, the human rights, the sense of contemporary justice and the right and the socio-cultural structure,
  • Establishment of a democratic legal culture, an egalitarian, participatory, libertarian legal order; It does not endeavor to grasp the rights and freedoms in this respect,
  • And the law aims to make cooperation, solidarity, common activities and activities with the national and international people, institutions, organizations and communities in the fields of human rights that carry out activities in accordance with their aims.